Scientific Software Development

With over a decade of developing scientific software in NQA-1 (nuclear industry) software quality assurance environments, Acorvid staff can help with your technical development needs. Whether you are developing high-integrity applications, qualifying code for internal use, or need computational models of complex phenomena, Acorvid is ready to help build up your organization’s technical capabilities.

Legacy scientific software revitalization

Acorvid specializes in revitalizing legacy code, upgrading it to modern standards of maintainability, testability, and usability. Incremental and focused improvement helps you regain control of your code and your process. This allows you to preserve your investment and modernize your code without the cost and risk of rewriting from scratch.

Specific revitalization services include:

  • Converting FORTRAN IV/66/77 to modern Fortran
  • Custom test suite development
  • Improving data portability for interoperability and visualization
  • System automation
    • Testing
    • Sensitivity analysis,
    • Parametric studies,
    • Workflow automation
  • Development environment reconstitution
  • Documentation, specification, and requirements reconstitution

Verification, validation, and independent review services

High-integrity systems require verification and validation (V&V) to determine if software specifications and requirements are adequate and to confirm they are met. Acorvid staff can provide independent review and V&V services to assess how well your technical software achieves its intended goals.

Custom application development

There’s much more to scientific software development than translating models from subject matter experts into working code. Good scientific code has:

  • clear requirements,
  • specifications tying code to requirements,
  • tests verifying specifications are met, and
  • documentation explaining the code’s design and use and providing evidence the code works as intended

The best software is built on a sturdy foundation with clear goals and expectations.

Let Acorvid help bring your ideas to life.