Fortran Library of the Today: FLAP

Today’s Fortran Library of the Today isĀ FLAP (Fortran command Line Arguments Parser for poor people)

From FLAP’s Github page:
A KISS pure Fortran Library for building powerful, easy-to-use, elegant command line interfaces

  • FLAP is a pure Fortran (KISS) library for building easily nice Command Line Interfaces (CLI) for modern Fortran projects;
  • FLAP is Fortran 2003+ standard compliant;
  • FLAP is OOP designed;
  • FLAP is a Free, Open Source Project.

FLAP is inspired by Python’s argparse library which involves instantiating a CLI object, registering options and arguments along with descriptions, optional/required status, argument count and type, etc., then parsing and evaluating the command line arguments. The library also generates help/usage messages, manual pages, and other user documentation and handles any errors in user input.

I have yet to put FLAP through its paces but it looks like a great candidate for the Hypothetical Fortran Standard Library!