Breakout Board: NCP1402 Boost Converter

I’m always on the lookout for interesting breakout boards to simplify hardware development. A recent post from @HybridAR1 showed a tiny breadboard-friendly breakout board for theĀ NCP1402 boost converter:

The Wandering Engineer also has a very nice writeup on the NCP1402 at

Simple Boost / Step-up DC-DC Converter Using the NCP1402

including a board design with JST connectors which is good if you have a LiPo battery upstream. The Usual Suspects (Sparkfun, et al.) also have breakout boards for the NCP1402 but given that it requires two capacitors, an inductor, and a Schottky diode, the reference design is a good toy problem for learning to useĀ KiCad or Eagle to spin up your own boards. Be sure to check your board fabricator for guidelines for your EDA files to reduce fabrication difficulties (here are Oshpark’s guidelines)